The Beethoven in the House Annotator App is a web-based application that provides support for storing, sharing, and publishing musical commentary along with the exact fragments of the digital resources they reference.

This tool is a proof of concept for writing editorial annotations as Linked Data, combining the Oxford e-Research Centre’s Music Encoding and Linked Data (MELD) platform with tools developed by the Edirom Virtual Research Network (ViFE) at Paderborn University.

Annotator Pane of Version 2.0 Annotator Pane of Version 2.0

By displaying arrangements side-by-side, the app facilitates the identification of parallel passages in different versions of the same work. The data model developed by the project allows such parallel passages to be linked and annotated as two manifestations of the same musical material.

Once works are selected and loaded into the display pane, a musicologist can point and click on individual notes and measures, or click and drag to select larger regions, whether the resource is a facsimile image or a rendered score encoding.

To make and save your own annotations, sign up for a free Solid pod, a decentralized Linked Data storage system. Available from SolidCommunity.

For technical details, please see the file on GitHub.

  • Tutorials coming soon!