Music for the Home

IMS 2022 — Beethoven’s Large Scale Works outside the Concert Hall: Towards a Digital Representation of Domestic Arrangements

The 21st Quinquennial Congress of the International Musicological Society was held in August in Athens, where the project hosted a round table chaired by Christine Siegert. The discussion addressed the advantages and difficulties in using digital frameworks and tools to document and analyse the rich repertoire of 19th century arrangements of Beethoven’s works.

All project members and invited colleagues participated, presenting the following topics at the session: Hidden “Musicking”: Beethoven in the Victorian Home (Christina Bashford, University of Illinois), Piano Trio and Vocal Arrangements of the Allegretto in Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony (Lisa Rosendahl and Elisabete Shibata); Domestic Arrangements between General Characteristics and Individual Solutions (David Lewis); Arrangements, Collections, and the Work: A perspective from RISM (Andrew Hankinson and Laurent Pugin, Bern University and RISM Digital Center); VideAppCorr (Elisa Novara and Richard Sänger, Beethoven Werkstatt); Harmonizing Models: Challenges of Sharing Concepts, Data, and Tools between Beethoven Projects (Johannes Kepper and Mark Saccomano); and Music Encoding and Linked Data (Kevin Page).

After the round table, there was a lively discussion around both the technological and musicological aspects of the presentations.